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Might have to stop producing for a while

Posted by Dart-Music - August 17th, 2021

Yo guys, it's been quite a while since I haven't said anything here on NG, but I really wanted these little infos to be here for people to read too, since I already said this on YT. Basically, I'll have to slow down production quite a lot or maybe even take a break for a while. If you want to know why, just read what I've written down here.

This is the reason of why I might stop production for a while:

-I've started out my first apprenticeship and I have to focus on that before anything, so for a couple of months music won't be my priority, but mostly my studies. Expect a major lack of content through mid September till mid November, as I have to do courses for my job.

So, before anything: I'm NOT quitting music production. There is no way this will happen in the near future. Maybe the most ''extreme'' thing I'll do is take a break (perhaps even a long one) as said, and if that was the case I would make an announcement for that.

If you have any questions regarding this situation, don't hesitate to ask me, I'll try my best to respond.

Also, as I spoiled before on another video (btw I spoil quite a lot of stuff on my YT channel, so maybe check it out if you still haven't), I'm working on some BIG projects that are coming soon enough, one of them being the new Project MERC 2 OST (coming out in September, so tune in in that time frame :D) I'm working on that's going to be a whopping 8 minutes long song, maybe even more! Also I'm planning to make a new EP, but it's still just a thought, and *if* I'll actually make it, just know that it won't be related to dubstep for once lol.

This was pretty much everything, hope I've been clear on all the stuff said in this post, since I don't usually make this kind of announcements. Have a nice day/night!

Best regards




Comments (3)

It's sad to know you won't be as active musically speaking. Good thing you'll come back at one point!

Yeah, as I said things will go slower, but I still have lot's of little unfinished projects here and there, so if I can complete them then I might still be able to upload music "regularly"

@SkuttenGamerGD @Dart-Music That's great to know! Thanks for giving more details.

No problem!

I wish you luck in that next apprenticeship that you are going to have, and thank you very much for the news by the way :)

Thanks man, appreciate it :D