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P-Bot is once again fucking horny

I swear to God that hallway scene with the alarm going on was one of the best things I have ever saw, amazing job dude

This is gold

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The game itself and the music combined are just amazing! Keep it up!

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Don't want to hate or anything, but this is literally the original Final Destination (same instrumental, same vocals, same exact mixing) but you only added some random risers and downlifters here and there. I can't imagine you working more than 20 mins on this really, it's just impossible imo. Once again, not hating on you or your work, but I feel like you didn't put as much effort as you're saying in this piece.

Edit: Oh alright, didn't know that. Thanks for pointing that out!

DJGreenJes responds:

Yeah I know, What I do on remastering is adding risers, droppers, and sometimes high pitch. But as for fnf remasters, is just added risers, and droppers, yes if you didn't know, I added pads. So you gotta pay attention to the song :3

Damn, you threw me back in time with those predrop sections! Really reminds me of old Spag Heddys style back in the day man, good job on that. The wobble is the same as in the last song, so there's not much I can say about it, it's just pretty damn cool.

SuperSoniker responds:

I hope to make the next song very different from this one and Collision. But I'm also very happy to know that you loved it! <3

Nice! I really love that Color Bass type wobble in the drop, it's actually one of the best sound designs I heard from you so far. The lead is a little repetitive as someone already mentioned, but it sounds good in the whole work. Would love to hear more colorful stuff from you!

SuperSoniker responds:

Then I'll make the melodies as I made for most of the songs on my last EP Poetry, but on the other hand I'm glad that you loved it, and thank you very much for that detail :)

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This will haunt me for the rest of my life.

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